Livermore, Tudor Jones and Cohen

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  1. I'm a retired money manager that now plays golf and occasional mentors traders.

    My style is based off a combination of the work of these three men.

    I'm going to post pics of stocks that I like each day that offer the best Intraday and Swing potential. I will take them Intraday first and if they perform as expected, I will hold them till further notice.

    I will slowly reveal various aspects of each trade but will not reveal all of my analysis on each trade.

    "There is no holy grail of trading, I have to work harder then everyone else ... that is my edge." Paul Tudor Jones
  2. 10/26/09

    Short Candidates:


    Long Candidates:

  3. Percent Changes

    NAV -.25
    NI -.30
    GLBL -3.76
    TXI -7.30
    BNE -6.68

    All positions closed end of day
  4. Prepare to be attacked and maligned by a plethora of message board losers who will question your motives and proclaim you a "scam artist."
  5. LOL

    No worries!

    I post my trades in the morning and the results will speak for themselves by the end of the day.
  6. And ALSO still trades?? :confused:

  7. montysky


    Nice start!
  8. 100% this guy is not a trader.

    just attention seeker.

    sorry to point out
  9. How do you know?
  10. Did Livermore live in Connecticut too?
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