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    Jesse Livermore wrote one book: How to Trade in Stocks: The Livermore Formula for Combining Time, Element and Price. It was published in 1940. The book is very rare and not easily found. There is a version published by Traders Press (sold at Amazon), but that is NOT the original text. If you see the name Richard Smitten, you have the wrong book.
  3. I have a photocopy of that book (don't actually remember who from)... its an interesting read... but I have always maintained that Livermore (and contemporaries such as Larry Williams) had / have no concept of risk and took / take some inordinately risky trades...
  4. that is what I saw as facinating about him. He had the ability to adapt to his previous mistakes like no other. Jesse's true problem was that he would just self distruct. He was deffinately his own worst enemy. But his life is by far way more interesting than anyone we will ever meet, and I am pretty sure that one would beg to have his trading abilities. ALL TRADERS LOOSE THERE ASS AT SOME POINT, and for traders it will allways be a matter of what you were able to save while things were good. If a trader tells me that they have never blown out they are either a rookie or full of shit.
  5. I would love to buy this book....anybody know what else I can look for that will tell me its not a first edition???
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    You can get it at

    Just make sure that author is Jesse Livermore and the title is How to Trade in Stocks: The Livermore Formula for Combining Time Element and Price..

    Only problem is its going for $1,150 :(
  7. It is worth every penny

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    Acrually the one on for $1149 is a 1966 reprint from Traders Press. That price is a joke for that edition.

    I have no idea what the true first edition will bring. You used to be able to find them for sale. There was a collectible investment bookseller in LA who sold them for about $50 each back in the 80's. I saw one one EBAY once a couple of years ago and it went over $1000 as I recall. I don't see any for sale currently on the internet, and most book dealers list their inventory on the net.
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    I paid $30 bucks for a 30s edition of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. But it has no dust jacket. Anyone out there have an older copy with a decent dust jacket that wouldn't mind scanning it (two scans) at a real high resolution, and Emailing it to me? I'm kind of a geek about books that way.

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    Does anyone have any idea what's different about the Trader Press "originally published in 1940" edition and the REAL 1940 edition? Or why Trader's Press supposedly did not reprint the original edition?
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