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  1. Hi I am not sure if this is the right place but was going too post my trades and set ups - use KnovaWave - Murrey MAth and 80/20 predominantly

    From this am on my blog and call(about 20 mins ago I guess - sorry for delay;

    I am long this morning off 1.2293 - 50 ema and 6-8 MML retest and figure spit. Missed the 1.2320/double top spit after the jump on he 102.0 IFO reading and upward revision to the previous month"s data. The index has hit the highest level since May 2000 and in the press conference IFO"s Abberger and Nerb are talking up German growth and other economic improvements. Caution on oil and imbalances.

    Next levels are;
    1.2329 8/8 and through highs
    1.2360 is +2-8 plus 1.2350 decent-sized stop orders are rumoured to be located with the next batch of option barriers noted at 1.2400.
    Downside is close at 1.2286 offered suggesting failures - ABC and double top - reversal there - watch spit of a spit.

    More later - will post a chart '

    Have a great Day
  2. Jumped to 1.2310 - staying in swing side with stop up to 1.2293 offered now - option was to get out of half as figure spit - bacause of EURJPY pennant am trying to give EURUSD potential.
  3. Took Profit at 1.2302 as EURJPY failed to break Murrey 8-8 - set up failure - gain 9 pips.

    Now probaility of double top higher - orders are to buy break on EUR 1.2327 stop .16 offered. Short Euro 1.2286 offered stop .97 bid

    Will look for better swing trades to post

    Existing Hiome deals (US) & Oil Inventories the main deal today it seems
  4. Nice scalping move though I normally don't scalp too much but when when undecided on wave - is this a C or 5 (the high I mean) need to keep it tight.

    So we are short at1.2285 per the above order we trade 1.2265-66 here am bringing my stop down to 1.2276 bid - option of course of taking the qucik near 20 pips but as undecided on wave count and fact we are abover the 50 retest and spinning the 4-8 good risk reward to let work - option is to take half. This is where it all comes down to your risk profile and personality - it is all psychological.

    Anyway just wanted to post a few trades of what I see and why and try to get them here real time.

    Nice start to the day.

    Will post some charts and some swings when I get a break from trading here.

    Have a great day :)
  5. Flat out at 1.2271 trail all dollar yen this am - will be flat until home sales
  6. Choppy day on the Euro happy to have got some positives there - USD JPY and EURJPY breaks following AUDJPY and NZDJPY from yesterday - clearly the Yen is weak. Will aim for +2-8 on AUD & NZD v.Yen - been very nice long reversals off panic driven seeling.

    87.20 first AUDJPY congestion

    Watching Sell entries on these and for Euro to test 50 ema again

    EURJPY 142.08 and 142.25 are keys at this time

    Will be back later with charts
  7. Some little scalps some just didn't set up right unfortunately:

    Date Time Market Action Entry Stop Exit Profit/Loss Rationale

    01/25/2006 04:29pm Forex Cover EUR/USD 1.2253 1.2251 1.2241 +0.0012 Murrey 2/8 (F)
    01/25/2006 10:22am Forex Cover EUR/JPY 141.8400 141.9300 141.9300 -0.0900 Stopped Out
    01/25/2006 10:03am Forex Cover USD/JPY 115.7200 115.7600 115.6700 +0.0500 Close ahead of release
    01/25/2006 09:33am Forex Cover USD/JPY 115.4000 115.4700 115.3800 +0.0200 No Impulse Down
    01/25/2006 09:15am Forex Cover EUR/USD 1.2286 1.2271 1.2272 +0.0014 Trailing Stop
    01/25/2006 08:17am Forex Sell EUR/USD 1.2293 1.2285 1.2302 +0.0009 Figure Spit (F)
  8. Out a little early too many times :(

    Date Time Market Trade Type Symbol Entry Stop Exit Profit/Loss Trade Basis

    01/26/2006 02:27pm Forex Cover EUR/USD 1.2214 1.0000 1.2198 +0.0016 Figure Spit (F)
    01/26/2006 11:09am Forex Sell EUR/JPY 142.0600 142.1600 142.2100 +0.1500 80/20 Spit (F)
    01/26/2006 09:11am Forex Cover EUR/USD 1.2258 1.2264 1.2256 +0.0002 Trailing Stop
    01/26/2006 08:53am Forex Cover USD/CHF 1.2666 1.2674 1.2646 +0.0020 50 ma (F)
    01/26/2006 07:19am Forex Sell USD/JPY 115.7700 115.7300 115.7700 0.0000 No Impulse Up
    01/26/2006 06:58am Forex Sell USD/JPY 115.9700 115.8900 115.8800 -0.0900 Stopped Out
  9. Here is an example of chart with Murrey Math Lines + other indicators. Yen has been particularly weak of late - with great ranges - Note hear the Murrey Math Fractal spit and 2-8 to -2-8. There was also similar set ups today in USDJPY & AUDJPY.


    Yen has been particularly weak of late - with great ranges - Note hear the Murrey Math Fractal spit and 2-8 to -2-8. There was also similar set ups today in USDJPY & AUDJPY.
  10. Was nice bounced back 142.20 and back to -2/8 to let you do this trade again (not that I did I was asleep) then from -2/8 (141.78) to back to 142.48 where MM recalcualted for the next day - I will post an updated chart to show you - just got up and wanted to update. :)
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