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  1. Elysium


    any comments?

    for e minis?

    is it free?

    any good?

    or better alternatives (for about the same price?)
  2. If you have an account at IB, then you will probably do anything to save a buck. Check out They have very beautiful charts, which is good, but you have to use IB's feed, which is bad, but if you use IB's feed, they are only 6 bucks a month, which is good.

    The charts only update when you are running them. There is no historical data. Only what you load from IB. But they really are beautiful charts.
  3. i pay $9.95 for the basic version + $10 for the cme e-minis.

    livecharts became better lately - overall they work pretty fine for most of the time.

    i guess you get a lot for very little money - and for my style they offer everything i want/need. just try it out.

    hope this helps.