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    Are E-mini NQ100 futures quotes in real time? I've compared them to and quotes seems to be real time! Livecharts is a free service...

    Can I use this applet as a chart@quote service for trading E-minis? Is it reliable?

    Thanks for feedback!

  2. tntneo

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    there are realtime and I use the service as backup.

    it is pretty reliable although sometimes connection is lost during the day [that's rare though].

    in fact you can get realtime nasdaq stocks too [if you register] for free.

    if you can trade with the limited charting capabilities [nothing wrong with that], I would say why not. Your question is about reliability and speed, and it is more than fair in this case. At least get it as a backup.

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    thanks tntneo. I will need only one 15 inch monitor to track E-mini chart instead of 2 or 3 bigger monitors required to track 10 or more stock charts.

    LiveCharts is your backup, what's your primary quote service for futures?

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    I use eSignal/Ensign at the moment.
  6. There is an other way to get the ES and NQ Charting for free with a much more stable feed then

    Sign up for the free version of nextrend

    Download the programm and use ESP1'CM and NQP1'CM. Both are realtime and the feed is excellent near the same then e-signal.

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    vielen Dank für Sie Hilfe EnterLong.

    Nexttrend is a very good idea. another advantage of futures, forget about costly data providers.

    I downloaded and try/compared it to esignal. It is pretty good. Lagging a bit [in fast market] because not showing all ticks right away. But really fair enough [1 sec delay].
    It's free. I do think livecharts does catch more ticks. but the studies are less interesting and it does crash sometimes and loose connection.

    Still, nasdaq traders, livecharts offer free realtime charts. Most traders have a real and good charting package so no big deal here. but a backup is always good I think.

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    Are there exchange fees for real time quotes?
    I visited the mini S&P and mini nasdaq
    trade on the CME.It is $60 per month.Maybe I am wrong!
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    I can confirm you don't have to pay anything. several providers offer eminis for free just like indices S&P500, Dow Jones etc.. that's the case for Nextrend. Other symbols [including other futures of course] are delayed or not available.
  10. What about the quote vendors on the CME website? There is a feed from Townsend Analytics. Anybody tried that?
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