LiveCharts by eSignal -- Any way to reduce latency and speed up charts?

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  1. I'm using a quoting and execution platform provided by my firm.. the quotes are snappy and most often update far faster than LiveCharts by half a second to a second of time... this matters if I'm watching the charts to look for price breaks and such where timing and execution matter.

    Is there any way to reduce this latency? I can't seem to find any more info but maybe there's a closer quote server I can point it at?

    Worse yet, even when LiveCharts gets updates to the quotes and even starts printing T&S at the new quoted level, the charts themselves might lag behind the price by a few seconds... Anyone else notice this? Is there a way to fix this?

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  2. nada???
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    Pay for a decent platform and data provider...
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    I would try and hook up Rithmic to Esignal.

    Under technology partners, you will see that Esignal is there.
    Maybe the platform is ok, just the feed is bad....most are bad.

  5. I use Rithmic with Sierra Charts. TOTALLY impressed by Rithmic.

  6. ... LiveCharts is by eSignal, and I do pay a subscription fee.
  7. Unlike most whiny crackpots here on ET, I contacted the provider directly (as well as posting this topic) and I will now post their troubleshooting response so anyone who finds this thread in a search results can benefit:

  8. LiveCharts doesn't give me access to just the quote feed... it's not the full eSignal platform, just the charts+data in an integrated platform.
  9. Also, it's pretty clear their instructions won't help much... I'm trying to better explain the issue to them now in a followup email.
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    I use NinjaTrader with Rithmic, but I use a lot of OCO.
    The OCO orders I place on RTrader because it resides on their server.
    For Trailing stops I use NinjaTrader.

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