live365 S&P broadcast

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vitajex, Oct 4, 2001.

  1. vitajex


    The above thread mentioned the free S&P webcast
    at I think this is the page for the station
    (though it seems to disappear outside pit trading hours):

    I listened to it today and found it useful, especially the
    general noise level for a sense of volume and momentum.
    The commentator calls out when certain firms (Goldman,
    Merrill) have size orders. He also makes comments like,
    "Pressure's on...sellers," etc.

    I listened for the 15-min CME siren while watching a
    java clock at, and it seems like the webcast
    is delayed by 15-20 seconds. The broadcaster's web site
    advertises a direct phone line for $300/mo, so I guess
    that's the premium to lose the delay. Still, you may find
    it useful or at least entertaining.