Live with Oscar - redux

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    Oh man.

    You guys are gonna luv this.

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  2. oh boy, $50/rt. LOL wow. maybe the trades pay for themselves if you can fade Oscar in real-time?

    edit: This guy should have checked ET first about Oscar. We've been knowing his game for awhile now :).



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    Who needs to pay $200-$400/mo to be a part of these groups? I know that Oscar is interested in signing up members to his brokerage firm and pay $50/rt per contract but I have never understood what value you get out of these chatrooms. Anyone remember Tokyo Joe? Same stuff, different name. Do your own thinking and avoid these services.
  3. LOL :p

    He had a habit of throwing out or getting angry at the many people (like myself) who actually asked probing questions about his claims. His favorite forum posters were newbiess who just loved his YT videos and had their money ready to signup.
  5. whatever happened to old tokyo joe?
  6. He sold all of his US real estate and bought a pretty sweet little house in the South of France from what I remember. He had a new website where he was playing golf all around Europe at one point but I don't know what he has been doing lately. Compared to Oscar, Tokyo Joe was the real deal!

    one side note on Tokyo Joe, about 6 years ago he offered all of his members the chance to come to France and learn his secrets... for 10K each member. Only ONE showed up LOL. Guess he got out of the game at the right time.
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