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    <p class="title" style="font-size:22px; font-weight:normal">Tuesday, February 10, 2009 <span style="color:#333333">*</span> ShadowTrader F/X Hour with Willie Vales</p>

    <p class="title" style="font-weight:normal">Hello Trader:<br><Br>
    <span class="title" style="font-weight:normal"> <font size="3"><b>Today at 4:15pm EST,</b></font> ShadowTrader will broadcast <font size="3"><b>"The ShadowTrader F/X Hour with Willie Vales"</b></font>, a weekly one hour interactive program, <b>live on the thinkorswim platform</b> hosted by ShadowTrader's Senior Currency Strategist, Willie Vales. Live screenshows will accompany Willie's teaching and there will be a q&a session at the end of each program where you can have your questions about F/X answered live. The program is <font size="3"><b>FREE.</b></font>
    <br><Br><font size="3">Ask Willie your F/X Questions:<b></b></font>
    <p class="title" style="font-size:22px; font-weight:normal"><span style="color:#333333"></span> SCHEDULE & TOPICS FOR TODAY'S SHOW:<Br>All shows air at 4:15pm EST - 5:15pm EST</p>

    <font size="3"><b>Tuesday, February 10th - topics of discussion </b></font><Br>
    - FOREX - A week in review (world events & global marketplace)<Br>
    - Major Pair Scoop - A look back and the week ahead<Br>
    - Using STPro F/X Wave methodology to see where the major pairs are headed in coming week <Br>
    - Summary of rules & guideline for waves <Br>
    - <i><b>AUD/USD step by step setup review</i></b> <Br>
    - Ask Willie - F/X Questions & Answers. <Br><br>

    <font size="3">SHADOWTRADER F/X HOUR IS ARCHIVED <a href="">here</a></font> <Br><br>
    <b><font size="3">How to tune in to F/X Hour</b></font>
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    see you there......
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