Live video of my Day Trading

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  1. Today I traded: $JPM $NKE $SBUX $TGT $TWTR $VLO. Follow along as I show my entries and exits for each position. Pay attention to how I trail my stops in the position as well. Hopefully, you enjoy and learn something from the video.

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    You're from another dimension. I can't follow your trades at what seems to be about 5X normal speed.
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  3. Total waist of time , I bet Uber driver makes more than you.
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  4. This would be FAR better at regular speed and with some commentary. It's currently too difficult to follow.
  5. The regular speed is on the channel as well.
  6. Today I traded: $AAPL, $JD, $JPM, $TWTR, $X for a loss today. Frustrating day. The regular speed is always the Live Stream video on the channel.

  7. qlai


    If you have any experience with others, how is the Fusion platform?
  8. Fusion took getting use to as I was making the switch from TOS. But now that I'm use to it I like it more than TOS as it's more simplified and for my style of trading it has everything I need available.

    I would recommend TOS above any other platform available to the retail trader because it has tons of functionality. I've tried many and was on TOS for over 5 years. Fusion has great execution which is more important to me.
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    Yeah, I wish they would offer it as a standalone platform.
  10. Yea... that's how it was when I first started using it back before Tom Sosnoff sold it to TDA. I mainly used it for options, which was what attracted me to TOS initially.
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