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  1. Report em here
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    Last night at 1 pacific.
    The police had a naked guy in custody and 1 guy on the run.
    you can see the naked guy at about 3 mins.
    and he looks like he could be one of the suspects with a boxers build.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Now they have a dead guy and 1 guy on the run.
  3. Then who is it? It could not be the dead suspect.
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    Let me also state... that is not just a youtube video.
    I was watching it live.
    as I was going to sleep at least one channel was reporting they had a boston bombing suspect in custody.

    All I want to know is what happened.
    I am not saying they killed the naked guy.
  5. The report says they exchanged gunfire, and the suspect had bullet wounds and may have blown himself up. Other report says the brother who got away, ran over his brother. Too much confusion over what happened. Sound familiar?
  6. jem


    that is not what happened to the naked guy.

    they walked the suspect to the car.
    they took him out later and took pictures
    put him back in.

    he was not bleeding out.
  7. pspr


    CNN says:

    CNN photographer Gabe Ramirez arrived in Watertown as the chase ended.

    “Police were in a standoff with the vehicle just down the hill,” Ramirez said. They ordered one suspect out and commanded him to strip down completely naked before putting him in a patrol car, which did not leave the scene.

    The man was later released and is not a suspect in the case.

    But while the man was being held, FBI agents approached the squad car, and police ordered the man back out of the car. FBI agents questioned him — still fully undressed — on the sidewalk.

    In an early phase of the lock down, a man could be seen lying face down on the street with his hands outstretched in front of him and his legs crossed. It is unclear whether this was the man who was arrested and ordered to undress.
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    ok for now. thanks
  9. My question is, who dropped the ball on letting the other dude get away after the gunfight?

    I heard reports of the alive suspect driving over his brother at one point.

    Now police briefing saying suspect fled on foot after gunfight....

    Suspect #2 Still at Large after searching a 20 block perimeter all day.

    Boston police now saying people can come out of their homes but remain vigilant.
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