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  1. I am professional Forex Chartist. I will start post my trades and oerview in this forum. I dont have site, I am NOT advertising here. If you want learn trading and enter to the market in live condition, feel free to join me on my skype. I start around 30min. before London session opens (7:30GMT) I will educate why I am entering and when I am exiting the market. My stop losses 15-25pips and take profit target, 30, 50 and 100+pips...feel free to join me, Skype ID: chartistfx or visit here during London session...
  2. Sorry, I didn't get it...
  3. I entered Long USDCAD...I will try update as soon as I can, if you want trade live with me, feel free to join me on Skype: chartistfx
  4. Just quick update. I am still long USDCHF and USDCAD...
  5. [​IMG]

    they ought to pay me for this shit
  6. I closed half USD/CHF remaining order moved to break even...

  7. Why didn't you say the PRICE that you entered , you enter a trade and now you want others to pump up the price ?:p
  8. There is a time show when I write this can compare...I was typing in chat room as well...sorry...will try next time...or feel free to request to join me on Skype... Skype ID: chartistfx
  9. :D real traders here, no new fish. So if you have a chart, post it so we can compare and contrast. Most of your types have extremely lagging signals.:D
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