Live Trading VIDEO sessions from Thursday

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  1. We were asked by a few ELITE TRADER users to record some of our official
    trading calls in real time. Most of them were skptical on how trades are called and wen they are recorded on our track record. Today CajunSniper recorded the official calls on the
    morning of 8/16/2007. This will give the existing traders a chance to go back and review the action without the pressure of being in cash.

    For non-users, the 'buzz' sound you hear is the trading audio alert. The focus window is small so you don't see the room or all the charts.

    # First morning LONG official trade 1m trend line break scalp

    # Explanation of premise for first trade, other commentary and Max span trade

    # Second official all of the day. Long trigger with S2 Pivot Support/Bounce

    # Third official call today was a retracement short

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