Live trading journal - trend breakthrough with Avonko EA

Discussion in 'Forex' started by eltonharrington, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I want to take a moment to say thank you for welcoming me to the EliteTrader forums - while I am a veteran trader I am relatively new to the online forex community, and I look forward to sharing my experience and learning from others, while putting my money on the line every day.

    I am currently putting the Avonko EA from through live testing and tinkering with the settings to fine tune the system to properly fit my needs and optimize performance on the most robust pairs. I am using the latest version available, and simply experimenting with the settings to develop a strategy that appropriately fits my needs. With my demo testing account the system proved to be extremely profitable, turning a starting balance of 10k into well over 30k over 4 months with minimal drawdown - and I am hoping to translate that success into significant profits now.

    Currently I am trading the EURJPY pair and experimenting with adding the GBPUSD. My current settings allow for a sl 3x the magnitude of the tp, trading on a $5k starting balance risking no more than 3% on any one trade.

    Here I will return every day to post my daily trading results and discuss which settings I am currently employing to achieve those results. I will also discuss my strategies for trading day selection, and hopefully within the context of the discussion we can perfect the usage of the system, clearly to the benefit of us all.

    Again, thank you for welcoming me to your forum, and I look forward to sharing my trading results in the weeks and months to come. I welcome all suggestions, emails, and criticism, and hopefully will have some pips to share with everyone here

    Best Regards