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    Would anyone be interested in a live (updating every 5 mins or so) of the ES available on my website?

    For example you'd refresh your browser every 5 mins and it would update (or it would update when a new chart was available).

    They would be of the format of that on my blog


  2. Good job on your application using Interactivebroker (IB) datafeed. How do you find the accuracy of the VA and POC compared to other data feeds? Have you compared it to sites such as mypivots dot com?

    What you are proposing would certainly be helpful to many traders, to have a nearly live view of MP, independent from other sources.

    I have tried feeding some live IB data (ES emini for example) into Multicharts using a Tradestation (TS) MP indicator. They do not always match data coming from TS, but is never the less useful.
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    go for it
  4. jimbo320


    Heres a chart of a the new DTN integration.

    Full Tick History. Ive not limited it to 5 days, but loading lots of tick data might slow the application.

    However with 15 days of tick data, 2 charts running with profiles ES, NQ.

    0% CPU on my Intel Quad :)

    Im looking for beta testers for DTN.

    also NEW range, tick, and volume charts.

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    I would say that using IB is very good. However something which is irritating, is that occasioanlly during breakouts, ib dont publish all the data and sometimes a hole appears in the profile. The only way to get round this is to use a full tick feed.
  6. jimbo,

    I took a look at your site. Excellent stuff. I collect trading software like some people collect baseball cards. I think I'm going to have to buy your software. I'm quite happy with my current MP setup but as a fellow programmer, I can tell you have spent a great deal of time and effort on your product that goes well beyond what I currently use.

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    Thanks for the compliments John.

    Yeah its a hobby of mine.

    I also have a full time job :)


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    Well i have a few days to work on the updating profile.

    Will let you know when this is done. Should be soon. This will be a screen dump so chart projections/trades should also be annotated.

    I was thinking CtrlP = Publish Current chart which updates


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