Live to trade - not trade to live

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by andrasnm, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. I suspect many of you will disagree with me on this. Career trader and trading for a living is all bullshit! All you people are either very impatient or unemployable.
    A few novices ask my advice and without question I always have the same answer.
    Get a job/career/education and trade your roth ira. If you can not work due to circumstances beyond your control - and I will disallow whining, impatience and mental defects (bad jobs) from all you crying mama's boys. then trade exactly the same way you traded while you worked. Instead of working - work for free - you know give back to society, do something for your fellow human being. Surely as I am writing this the free voluntary job will turn into a paying one.
    If you can not find a job you can do - get a shrink or take prozac.
    You will find if you follow my advice - good Karma will follow, in addition to that you will not trade with scared money since your bills and expenses will be covered already. my free 2
    When you make 3 times as much in your IRA as in your dayjob, then you can write a book about trading and how to make money....
    Merry Christmas!
  2. But many of the crackpots here *are* unemployable and addicted to gambling, uhhh I mean trading. Even if they worked at McD's they'd probably be thinking about getting ES quotes through the cash register screen.:p
  3. Agreed
    Notice I have no problems with high aspirations (I have had them too) but instead of high aspirations I selected perspiration (work) and it makes me free
    If you are making money 5+ years full time you please ignore this thread. it is not meant for ya.