Live Streaming CNBC on Internet?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by DataCruncher, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Being the cheapskate I am, all I got to say to you bozos is why buy the cow when the milk is free?

    Get a thinkorswim account. Free streaming CNBC comes with.
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  2. Power E-Trade Pro just released an update which includes a free live CNBC video feed. People can go on and on about how CNBC sucks but you don't have to believe everything that everyone says on that channel. The fact is that it's not bad if you want a daily market overview and some decent news and commentary. It's not where you go for highly detailed analysis and strategy but you really shouldn't expect that from a television channel anyway. I've learned a lot from watching CNBC and I continue to learn little things here and there.

    p.s. There's no delay on the video feed at all. :)
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  3. As much as I like and dislike CNBC I think your point sums it up quite nicely...

    "The fact is that it's not bad if you want a daily market overview and some decent news and commentary"

    Do I think CNBC has some talking heads on it? Absolutely. But that is not the point. The point is that you want to know who is up and who is down so that you can make your own judgment.
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  4. I had asked about this in a thread some months ago and I remember someone said there was a 10 second delay from the TV broadcast. But I'm confused because Father Branigan in the post above says there is no did they definitely fix the delay issue?
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  5. It looks like TexTrader was referring to XM satellite radio regarding a 10 second delay. I was talking about the just-released update to Power E-Trade Pro which provides live streaming CNBC video.

    See the link below for a review of Power E-Trade Pro which mentions the live streaming CNBC video.

    I have a TV in my office and I use Power E-Trade Pro (among other platforms) for trading and I have confirmed that there is no delay.

    It's also true, as stated above, that ThinkOrSwim offers live streaming CNBC video. I'm not sure if there's a delay or not. Can someone test this?
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  6. and pay those god awful commissions. :confused:

    If I recall - Per Share Commission
    $.015 per share

    I have it on mute and listen and sometimes tune in to cnbc. We do not have tv's in our trading office so CNBC plus does the job.
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  7. I am going to be cynical...

    If I use IB and save money per trade it will not take me long to have my CNBC paid for and then some. I can understand why people like TOS, when they are beginning.

    BUT once you start to make money at this game TOS just sucks in fees, execution, etc...
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  8. Oh Yeah, I also forgot to mention that the live streaming CNBC video in Power E-Trade Pro just goes to a blue screen during the commercial breaks so you don't have to hear those same commercials over and over again.

    Especially those Schwab commercials. Oh man, those are the worst.
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  9. yes. that is also the case for a regular subscription too.
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  10. if ya stream cnbc or something similar all day how much bandwiidth are ya using?
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