Live Streaming CNBC on Internet?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by DataCruncher, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. I watch it from Europe using CNBC Plus, only 3-4 seconds delay, but otherwise great service, highly recommended.
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  2. palawan


    i don't know if this is the contact for cnbc plus:

    CNBC Viewer Services:
    CNBC PLUS 201-735-3504 NY (from cc charge)

    i forgot to mention, when cnbc broadcast is not live, i saw cnbc plus ahead by 1-2 seconds...
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  3. who in the fuck would pay for CNBC when you get Bloomie for free?
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  4. It's $9.99 a month, no big deal for a trader.
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  5. palawan


    my point, exactly. price of one lunch. i've used it when i'm traveling outside of the country, plus you get to watch fast money or any of their segments at your convenience.

    bloomberg is free, but i kinda like the cnbc format during US market hours. maybe i'm just used to it and i need to get used to bloomberg.
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  6. It's not the price
    it's the content.
    who would pay for it?
    CNBC is for queers.
    Go Bloom!
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  7. Another option you can use is XM satellite radio. CNBC, Bloomberg and a lot of other news channels are available. It costs 9.99/month for the news and sports package.
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  8. interesting. so it's the same exact audio feed from CNBC TV? how many seconds delay is there as compared to CNBC TV(US channel)?
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  9. I haven't tried it yet myself. If you look at their programming guide the programs are the same as the TV channel, so looks like they are just feeding the audio from the TV broadcast.
    They also have an internet only broadcast for 7.99/month for all the channels.
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  10. gangof4


    spoken by someone who obviously doesn't trade Asia and Europe. if you did, you'd agree it's worthless. they re-run entire hours each night. even when not rerun, they run the same story twice an hour for 12 hours! a meteor could be 20 minutes from impact to destroy the world and they would schedule the story to run in 21 minutes, right after the 75th showing of 'places to eat for less than $5 in HK' (yes, an actual story that ran not just one night @ 20x per night, but it was a week long series!

    cnbc is a joke. cnbc asia is worse (they would break into the meteor story after 15 minutes). but bloomberg is awful.

    if you only watch this trash tv for breaking news, you'd be stupid to watch bloomberg...
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