Live Streaming CNBC on Internet?

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  1. Does anybody use this? CNBC doesn't offer this for free like Bloomberg does, although they have a CNBC Plus subscription service. Has anybody tried it and do you get breaking news just as fast as if you were watching TV?

    It'd be nice to cancel my Comcast TV service; it seems silly to pay for so many different channels when I don't watch any other TV really.
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    It's good. It is the same as what you watch on TV. It is about 3 seconds behind on what is broadcasted on TV. The latency is from the internet connection, not from CNBC Plus.
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    i use it, though i'm not very happy with it. there is a delay from real time (i've had cnbc on the tv at the same time, MANY times). the delay is, at best, 4 seconds, at worst, 10-12. an eternity if looking for breaking news or econ data.

    if you watch asia and europe, it's hit and miss. sometimes it will drop and you'll be unable to connect (server busy error message) for an hour or so- seems to come back on the hour when it does). they also will cut away to show meet the press or fast money from prev day. there are also 2x per night that asia goes off the air (though it's not supposed to) for an hour.

    that's it. europe pre market show is pretty good. bottom line: better than nothing, but not great. it's cheap, so worth having if you trade world markets.
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    i don't know how you guys are doing it, but i've timed it on several occasions and it's always around 23 seconds delay for me.

    how i did it? when there's a box of djia index, i make a note of when it hits a certain number. i start the timer on my chronograph watch, when it hits the same "number" on the cnbc streaming on my laptop, i hit the stop.

    this seems to me like a "buffering" process that is similar to youtube or hulu or any of the video-streaming websites out there. the good news is that one time i got accidentaly disconnected on my internet and it continued to play for what seems to me is the length of the buffer (23 seconds)

    $10/month, requires about a 400kb/s of bandwidth (measured it using the verizon broadband statistics several times).
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    additional info: cnbc plus has 3 tabs (us, europe and asia) plus on-demand tab, and depending on the time of day, some are not broadcasting.

    i just timed cnbcw (cnbc world) channel which is currently equal to the europe tab, and the cnbc stream is about 18-20 seconds delay. this may or may not be the same amount of delay for the US during market hours. i'll try to time it again tomorrow and update.
  6. thanks for the replies, I would be very much interested in learning the results of your experiments timing CNBC TV - US channel versus CNBC PLUS - US channel.

    Where are you located in the world? That likely makes a difference in the speed.
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    los angeles, california. i get over 5mb/s downstream (per on my internet connection.

    i hope i don't get banned for this, but if you want to stay on top of breaking news (stocks/company, economic, and sometimes entertainment), go to www financialchat com and join #activetrader channel. over 600 members during market hours (mostly lurkers/observers), but those guys are on top of any breaking news and they post them on the channel.

    sometimes, they post news ahead of cnbc...
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    the delay is 19 seconds today, so it's around 18-20 seconds, same as last night.

    i think they have a trial version, so you can try it out to see if it's good enough for you...
  9. thanks for the test. with that kind of delay looks like I'll have to keep paying for Comcast if I don't want to get blindsided by Gasparino while trading.

    has anybody run this test from an east coast location?
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    Does anyone know their phone support number?
    I keep getting this error when trying to buy it
    'CNBC Plus registration cannot be processed at this time:
    SOAPException( Server: End-user already exists: ) '

    I already tried a different card/email and sent an email to them friday, no answer
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