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    Hi - Could anyone please recommend a reliable & reasonably priced real-time online chart feed for the S&P500 futures contract? Reliability of data & uptime is most important as I will be using for intra-day trading.

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

  2. E signal, look at their web page
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    Hi dav,

    I had look at esignal, and noticed that to get the S&P emini you must subscribe to a number of other markets which I probably won't be trading -

    I've got a couple of questions

    1. Is the emini S&P 500 feed sufficient for trading the full size S&P 500 futures contract? What sort of deviation if any is there between the emini & full sized contract?

    2. Are there any other reliable feeds out there that allow you to subscribe just to the S&P 500 futures contract and that work out at a lower price?

    Thanks ol
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    Hoping someone may be able to answer this for me -

    Does the S&P 500 emini shadow the S&P 500 price exactly, or is it open to deviation?

    I'm not aware of any tool that allow you to determine the exact correlation between the two, though I need to be sure as I'm considering using esignals emini prices to trade the full size.

    Thanks in advance
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    i used to trade the es. it is the cheapest, and a very good site. its about 1/2 the price of esiganl. check it out...
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    very close

    Premium of S&P 500 Futures (front month) over SPX.X

    Premium of S&P 500 Mini Futures (front month) over SPX.X
  8. they now provide a free RT chart

    of SP500 futures and Nas100 futures

  9. If you plan to use the e-mini data feed to trade the full-sized S&P contract, then you are making a mistake. Your feed should be for the market(s) you trade. Isn't trading hard enough without adding more variables?

    If you are planning to trade the large contract, that suggests that you have sufficient capitalization to afford the proper tools, which are seldom the cheapest.

    Finally, I only trade the mini indexes (ES and NQ) and that is the package that I have with eSignal. I am not paying for any other data that I don't use.