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    I developed a method for video recording your desktop to track your indicators and automated strategies in real time on any price chart. This works for both experienced and new traders.

    One reason was because it is a great way to monitor broker platform performance. Forex spread monitoring sites such as and allow people to monitor spreads of different brokers. And this resulted in much better broker spread "behavior" over the last year or two. So it eliminates hearsay and denial of brokers who have a hard time imagining end user problems with their datafeeds or platforms. Extremely useful for debugging software and strategies.

    For those of you that hate the limitations of the mobile/web versions of metatrader, oanda, or other proprietary charting package you could stream your full desktop platform from your home computer or vps (preferred). If you set it up right, the lag may only be 2-3 seconds or even less depending on your location, internet quality, available hardware, etc. Then login to your mobile platform to place trades.

    Another reason is that i wanted to stream some strategies that Jon of AwarenessForex and I also use online so that i could review the strategies for discussion and development improvement.

    There are many other applications for this. It took many hours to put together this strategy together successfully, but I was able to pull it off. Let me know if it was beneficial for you or if you have any suggestions on how to better stream. Cant beat the price and the quality is acceptable.

    It basically requires that you daisy-chain two RDC connections together (VM-1 and VM-2). The VM-2 connection keeps the VM-1 RDC connection alive along with its desktop, and this allows for any graphical program to continue functioning without the need to continue running VM-2 rdc connection.

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    The video can go a bit fast sometimes, so pause it as needed. There will be a flash video available shortly that will have chapter markers.

    I had the most difficulty trying to figure out which forum this would be most appropriate for (automated trading, psychology, trade management, strategy design). I decided on trading software because it applies to streaming your software.

    From my point of view, the streaming/recording best shows the visual results of your automated strategies of what actually happened during execution and exit. Even though automations are based on algorithms and therefore logic/mathematics, the user can still mis-interpret your own expectations. After all, a strategy only executes what it is told:) It certainly applies to manual trading also...perhaps more so because it adds a level of objectivity outside of yourself when you are able to view the recording after the fact.
  2. thanks for the thread ybfjax
    don't personally have any use for streaming but did appreciate you posting the sites
    particularly where fx brokers' spreads can be seen in
    realtime - click on pair which brings up additional list of brokers
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    Welcome. I actually prefer, because the way they present the average data is much more meaningful.

    Mt4Spreads was good, but they are offline a lot.