Live happy, hide your wealth?

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  1. There is a saying in French that goes: Vivons cachés, vivons heureux.

    It means literally live happy, hide your wealth and what it implies is showing of you are truly rich can bring about a whole list of problems you'd be better of without.

    Don't be the guy living in the castle driving a Ferrari with a wife loaded with golden jewelry...

    Be the guy who drives an 8 year old Saab and doesnt lives in a gigantic mansion even though you could afford to buy Buckingham Palace.

    Would you say there is any universal truth in the saying or is it more a European thing were showing of you are very rich isnt part of the culture as elsewhere?
  2. I don't think there is a single example on Earth where money has brought true happiness. No one accumulates enough to be satisfied because this is not possible. Happiness is easy, but the accumulation of more things is the exact opposite of the formula towards it.

    Now, the getting rid of money for a good purpose... that's another topic.

    Live as abundantly as you need to accomplish your divine purpose in life. Thinking you need to be poor or rich in a means of itself, are both traps that won't lead you any closer.

    As to hiding your wealth, I say share it so that you may get back the stuff that matters the most. This doesn't mean you can't have your sports car, but that your greater attention should be placed towards other things that really matter.

    All the best, great question :).
  3. I can agree. Live within your means. But if you have wealth, just find ways to keep it busy. Never think that you are safe. Create efficiency to tie up your wealth to where you really do not have it at your disposal. I think Warren Buffet has mastered this (I think).

    Some say it is a full time job to find investments for your wealth and sometimes there is just a lot of cash on the sidelines. But the mindset is efficiency, diversification and value. You must ask yourself always do I really need this? Focus on that and you will be really happy with your wealth.

    I am having trouble trying to communicate all my thoughts on this. Usually I can write but this is difficult to convey the mindset.

    There are two ways to look at this:

    Poor people try to get it

    Rich people try to keep it.

  4. Money is freedom.

    Material wealth can be a pain in the ass.

    I retired from my steady job at 50 with a very small pension and started consulting and trading. It worked and looking back over the last 26 years, I never regretted my decision.

    To me this kind of freedom is true wealth.

    Back in the old days they used to say, "Always have enough money in the bank so you can tell your boss to go to hell" and they were right!
  5. Freedom is free :). It's a mindset that doesn't cost a dollar.

    Having lots of cash is good though :D . Congratulations on following through to live the life you wanted to.
  6. "Vivons cachés, vivons heureux."

    Yes. What he said.
  7. you are 76 yrs old?
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    totally agree with the topic.

    i'm not a millionaire, but i lived in an expensive state with ridiculous property taxes on a $700k house. we had three cars, two with payments. we lived ok, but since then i moved to a cheaper state, better taxes, bought a 300k townhome instead which has 1/4th the taxes and got rid of the car on lease without replacing it. i drive my jeep wrangler (paid off) and the wife drives the saturn (i bought for cash). we have no car payments, car insurance has gotten much better, and oh yeah, i make a higher salary here than i did in the old state.

    i love it. best thing i ever did. folks at the office sometimes wonder why i drive an old jeep, but i just smile and say "i love my jeep."

    let them drive their lexus, bmws, etc. i know who has more money in the bank.
  9. splendor is not comfort. People who have been wealthy for a while or for multiple generations usually realize this. Material excess is a burden.
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    Freedom is not always free and many a people have paid dearly just to be able to say those words. Happiness on the other hand is an all you can eat buffet... :D
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