Live Fills - 1, 10, 20, 50 Cars

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  1. I have a scalp system that works for me. It works well on 1 contract.

    My question would be for individuals who have traded 10 - 20 contracts. With a limit order can you get filled on 10 contracts with a hit or two of the price you want? -or- Does price have to move through the limit in order to get a fill on 10 cars?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Depends upon where you are in line. If you're at the back and last to be filled at that price, you could get a tick slippage on part of the order.
  3. Am i correct in assuming you wont have slippage on a limit order? Just a partial fill?
  4. Yes. Pardon, that's more correct that what I said before.
  5. okay, thats not so bad i guess. although if the losers get full fills and the winners partial fills ill be a little fucked.

    excuse then language.
  6. You KNOW that's how it works... when you get filled easily, often you end up regretting it... :D

    That's the bad thing about limit orders. When the trade goes bad, you've only saved one tic. But you can end up missing a swing (or even more) by a tic though you were spot-on but not high enough in line.
  7. lol sometimes i wonder who actually wins at this game :p
  8. I always wonder who wins when trying to scalp the ES. Seems much too difficult and manic.

    Instead of trying to risk "2 ticks to capture 3", better to risk 3-4 points to try to capture 10 or more.
  9. when i say scalp i mean risk 1 point for 2 points on a very high win rate.

    i average about 2 points a day which is okay.
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    Don Miller does pretty well.
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