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  1. thanks to al gore's movie, ya conservatives/crackers must be having a stroke or two rt now.
  2. Al Gore is a pinhead. Only pinheads believe any of his crap.
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    Al Gore is creepy looking up close too. I saw an interview with the guy, he reminded me of a reptile, something about his eyes..

    That krappy movie he has shows a couple of lines on a chart and he can't even read it, somebody pointed out that the one line actually lags the other one, Gore is claiming causality.

    It's a hoax, Gore's environmental record is one of the weirdest things in history. He turned loose a zillion lawyers to sue everybody in sight, they stopped all road building and brush clearing in the national forests, got paid small fortunes by the same courts they used to do all that, let the national forests burn which reduced the carbon sink and poured out billions of pounds of smoke [while they were simultaneously banning the use of leaf blowers].

    Than, for an encore, Gore is invested in a carbon credit corporation and fear mongering about global warming.

    I'm trying to think of an overall stupider piece of history and really... I don't know if there is one... you have to go to the middle ages to find more stupidity.. and I am not so sure they were as stupid as we make them out to be in those days...
  4. His eyes are really weird. Shaped like a reptile and they move
    around like a reptile. I wouldn't be surprised to see a long pointed
    tongue come out of his mouth and catch a fly sometime. He is eery.
  5. BTW... thanks to Obama, you must be embarrassed...:p
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    who cares about al gore etc.. the live earth concert was AMAZING!!
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    tell me you guys saw shakiras performance in germany? i saw it on tv.. wow. you should youtube it if you didnt..
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Just watched it. It's too bad it was raining out there. She probably would have been wearing something a little more revealing. It didn't look like there were that many people at the concert though.
  9. I just flipped through 10 pages of Live Earth acts at You Tube. Blechh. Looked meek, real meek.

    Yeah, yeah I/m old, eat me - - but can somebody please point out one act that really tore down the house - some real rockers?

  10. "There was no U2, Radiohead, Coldplay, REM, Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan (indeed, no classic veterans at all, which may have accounted for the failure of the singalongs). Where were the collaborations and reunions? Live 8 got Pink Floyd, Live Earth got Spinal Tap."

    No Townsend, Morrissey, Morisette, Green Day, or bad ass blues guys, or American country & jazz men, or Axel, Pet Shop Boys. What about Lesh or Weir, or Hot Tuna, Chicks, N. Young, Byrne, Blondie, M. Jackson, Prince or Lou Reed?

    Foo Fighters OK but then Genesis played elevator music - WTF? And then Madonna picked nothing songs to play.

    Live Earth sucked. :mad:
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