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  1. Hi All,

    I am looking for traders who trade live to show their skills. traders who show their desktop and setup. Those are the best to learn from them.

    I am not looking for recap videos that people share saying they bought here and sell there and they hide their loser or they cheat by using demo account (delayed 15 mins). Just waste of time.

    I only found one trader on youtube who can prove that his strategy works. he is brave enough to show his winners and losers and how he make money for living.

    I am looking for more traders like this.
    please let me know if you know any.
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  2. Robert Morse

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    IMO you learn nothing by mimicking others traders. You need to learn a process that works for you.

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    I'm looking for the answer to life...found one on Youtube but not so sure :rolleyes:
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  6. Overnight


    Wow, I never knew that my demo accounts were delayed-data-feeds by 15 minutes. No WONDER my years of study have been a waste! *smacks forehead, could have had a V8*
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  7. Gotcha


    I would actually disagree with this. In the animal world, mimicking is one of the first steps of learning.

    If you had a day trader sitting beside you, a truly profitable one, watching his actions and learning from them would be an incredible way to start on your own path. The proper psychology you learn from him will likely shave years off your own learning curve. Psychology is easily over 50% of the game, and if you're watching someone doing it right and learning how he reacts or doesn't react, you're miles ahead.

    When you see a series of trades from a pro, certain things jump out at you. If we talk entry, we could observe how quick is he to get in. Does he just randomly enter at the market or does he wait for a limit order to be hit? How does he react if a trade doesn't fill. Does he chase? Does chasing mean he changes position size? So many questions come up when talking just about entry, and watching this unfold live would be an immense amount of information transferred.

    Lets talk a losing trade. What does the pro now do? The amateur might revenge trade, putting on another position right away, or take the opposite position since he was initially wrong. The pro could of course do any of these things at well, but they would more than likely already have been calculated well in advance and part of the plan. Perhaps the amateur packs it in, but the pro might just be getting started since many days he might start with a couple of trades gone bad right out of the gate but knowing he has all day to get it right. Those initial failed trades tell the pro that his initial read on the market might be wrong and give him clues about how the day will unfold. The amateur will just focus on the lost money.

    I could go on and on about how incredibly illuminating it would be to watch a profitable trader trading live, but I think you get the idea.
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  8. smallfil


    That would be a mentor wouldn't it be? Who is going to be a mentor and how much is the mentor going to charge for his time? That is if he takes you at all! After all, he is giving you everything including, his own trading systems? As a student, how much are you willing to pay?
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  9. What`s wron with the one you`ve found?What`s wrong with the delayed quotes?
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  10. Handle123


    What a pain in the arse to even try to train anyone to trade real time, they constantly asking questions while you trying to concentrate, you are missing signals, missing to get out or reverse. They forget most of what you keep telling them hundred times, they don't study enough, they go to parties to "unwind"? They keep telling you what they think I should do and you have a losing trade, they say never would have taken it, but don't say jack when you hit a dozen in a row of no losses. And whatever they can pay, most likely make in less than a day. Unless the poor sap mentor is a masochist and enjoys pain, the student is going to have to watch him a fricking year and sit next to mentor just watching.

    Mentor can show direction, and the student should spend time on proving the directions to be wrong or right for them, but you still need to do the screen hours. And it you think you can just start programming without knowing charting well, you have a long losing road to walk, I think it best you manually able to trade then program.

    Maybe most or few at some point of their career have a need to teach someone live, unless you have insane amount of patience and only trading few contracts and don't take many signals, could work out.
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