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  1. Hi everyone, I want to know where can I find real time option price data to put into excel. If it charges a monthly fee, which one is the cheapest one? Thank you!
  2. Most any broker you deal with has on API u can hook in to excel
  3. Interesting.... I'm gonna read more about this...
  4. sgfee123


    Something completely free with no obligation:

    Download TDAmeritrade/Thinkorswim’s PaperMoney trading platform from this link: Thinkorswim PaperMoney

    Then download Excel-DDE-V2.xls from this Elite Trader’s "Trading Software" thread: Dynamic Excel DDE link to TOS (ThinkOrSwim)

    Excel-DDE-V2.xls is near the end of the thread and is an attachment to a Post.

    The spreadsheet will get data from the Thinkorswim Trading Software and put live real-time stock and option quotes into Excel. Its a simple spreadsheet, but effective.

    Thinkorswim’s Dynamic Data Link (DDE) to Excel is completely free for both the Live Trading and PaperMoney Accounts. There is no limit to the number of stock and option quotes.

    I run over 200 live option quotes in my Excel spreadsheet all day long and never pay a dime to TDAmeritrade/Thinkorswim. :)
  5. IB offers a spreadsheet already formatted..
  6. Thank you! Thinkorswim is really a generous and powerful broker!
  7. Thinkorswim, yes.

    TDAmeritrade no.

    Only a matter of time before TD entirely ruins the TOS part, imho.