Live Chicago Automated Trading Seminar - Oct 18-19

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    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Critical times call for key trading expertise. Get your trade on.

    LIVE CHICAGO SEMINAR - Build Trading Systems with Confidence -

    Chicago - On October 18-19th, 2008 John Joseph of Next Dimension Creative Technologies will coach systems traders in Chicago with an intensive 2-day seminar held at Mirus Futures in the River North neighborhood. Traders stand to gain a solid foundation in automated trading system design, development, testing, and deployment.

    “"This workshop has easily paid for itself. I would highly recommend this workshop to anybody wanting to benefit from statistically-based technical analysis." - J.S., a recent workshop attendee.

    Workshop attendees will learn:
    · Assessment and addressing of infrastructure needs and data issues
    · System design methodologies on various timeframes
    · How to avoid common traps in evaluating and testing trading systems
    · Automated execution of trading systems

    “The best thing is that you get to leave the seminar with a workable system in hand,” says John Joseph. “Together we will build the tools necessary to develop a complete trading system from concept to implementation.”

    Topics to be covered: Building Blocks - Costs, Data, Time Frame, Execution, Various Types of Trading Systems, Statistical Concepts, Tools - Position Sizing, Portfolio Testing, Resampling, Trading System Development - From Concept to System

    About John Joseph and Next Dimension Creative Technologies

    Mr. Joseph is an experienced trader, speaker and educator, with 5 years experience teaching mathematics at the University of Massachusetts where he was nominated for the Distinguished Teaching Award, 3 years on the adjunct faculty at Western Connecticut State University, and numerous speaking engagements in the software and financial services industries.
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    Karen Bertoli, Public Relations, 312.896.1386
  2. Great! Since 99% of these people don't know what they are doing, perhaps you wouldn't mind posting his audited returns and account statements, including Profit Factor, Sharpe, etc. so traders can see just how distinguished

    After all, you don't want us to "trust" you/him, do you? Of course not!
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    Is this the same Mr. Mathemagician? If so, well worth the time of any cynics.
  4. ditto where's the beef..