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    Looks like the October 06 contract is making a bearish divergence here. I would short below the recent reaction low of .9060
  2. I'm going to have to lay into the Oct/Dec spread a few days before in Goldman roll.
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    You mean short Oct /Long Dec?
  4. Yes short OCT/ Long Dec! Not yet though waiting for a few days before the g man roll.

    I was balls deep a little over a week ago in the Long Aug/Short Oct. Got them off at mostly at 4.75-4.85 and exited around 3.70 on most of them.
  5. Working them around the 165 to 175 area. The sett. yesterday at 0.65. Don't expect them to be filled in the next day or two but I'm looking for them to run higher before the roll then get smacked when the roll gets underway.
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    I agree with trying to get a good limit price on both Hog and Cattle Spreads. Unless you're just way out in left field, you generally can get filled at a little better price and it makes all the difference in the world. Good Luck.
  7. Well said.

    I rarely ever trade cattle spreads with anything else that limit orders.

    The Aug/Oct that I got into was at record highs at the 2 area. They got to like 205 on a settle then got wacked and cracked.
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    Oct Live Cattle continues to drift higher. I still consider this a weakening move and a sell would be in order below .9060.
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    Based on daily and weekly charts , I shorted Dec Cattle at .8797 today for longer term trade.
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    I had a look at the corresponding charts and I must admit did not see your usual criteria present. Could you maybe explain your reasoning here, thanks.
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