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Discussion in 'Trading' started by arizona, Feb 28, 2003.

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    Would anyone that has had success in trading live cattle please tell me what helped them get over the hump. Also insights on soybean and corn trading would be appreciated.
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    ...I used a large cattle prod that seemed to do the trick (i.e. getting them over the hump)......:p

    sorry it too good a set up I couldn't resist

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    I wonder if they send you a hundred cows if you exercise your contract.
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    A Prod and a Bullwhip on her always werks fer me ........ooooh baby.

    Seriously AZ, You are asking the wrong question. the Right Question is :
    "How do I get over the hump "Trading" ? .....end of question......

    Learn to trade well and you can trade any market.

    Keep reading the threads here on ET and follow up the many many leads
    - oh yeah - and work your butt off day and night.

    Hasta Lasagne
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    While this discussion might've been started in jest I do think its interesting given today's WSJ article about milk drinking going through the roof in China. Up to a few years ago, nobody drank milk. Now its suddenly become hugely popular, even replacing alchohol at cocktail parties and as the drink of choice at dinner. I think we could be at the beginning of a long upward trend in live cattle.

  6. Nope. I think you take a receipt for live cattle stored somewhere. What you do after that with them is up to you.
  7. To heck with cattle.

    I need to know if Coffee and Unleaded Gasoline are liquid contracts! :D
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  9. Arizona- I have in the past traded both live cattle and feeder cattle but don't anymore. The reason is volume and the manipulation of the market by a very few large players(packers) trying to influence their incoming supply. The markets are very cyclical and seasonal. I understand that they can be followed pretty well with Elliot Wave. I have looked at this but the volume and manipulation still keeps me out. Milk is much the same way with no volume. I have been in these businesses for 50 years.
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    Tried cattle but also couldn't get over the hump so switched to camels. :D
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