live cattle and feeder cattle in IB

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    Could someone give me a definite answer if I can get live cattle and feeder cattle charts with IB. I can get the quotes but not the charts. I called IB customer service and the guy said no but didnt sound like he knew what he was talking about.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You must have talked to one of the VPs.
  3. These contracts don't have much e-volume. Make sure your charts in the "what to show" tab, have mid point selected.

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    thank you option pro!
  5. if you use the front month for live cattle,you should get a decent chart.feeders have almost nil daily. i would just subscibe to cme floor and chart that instead.:)
  6. Here is a November 06 chart.
    Pretty easy read to me. I'm a freak though . . . lol
  7. Here is the January 07 chart.