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  1. romik


    In this journal I will post LIVE calls on entry, target and stop for 1 week to prove how "stupid" I am. Weekly target +20 pts ES.
  2. romik


    thank u Magna :)
  3. 20 point target or 20 point stop ?

  4. romik


    profit is the only thing that matters, but since you ask - target :)
  5. Just jackin with ya Romik, congrats on making that loss back. I still don't agree with averaging down but if you can make it work, then more power to ya. Hope your family member gets better.
  6. romik


    thank you Vol!
  7. lookin` foward to it............good stuff,romy.
  8. 2 observations:

    1. No trader ever has anything to prove. Trade for yourself and not other people's validation. One thing you have yet to learn. If you get into a negative dialogue with someone on ET continually replying to their posts just gets you no where and increases the negative cycle. Just don't reply and it will stop. What does it matter what some stranger who you have never met thinks of you. Turn the other cheek, so to speak. Just my opinion, I learnt that the one time I got into a negative dialogue with someone here. You know what the reality of your trading is, what anyone else says is irrelevant.

    2. 20+ seems a high target for current market conditions when volatility hasn't been great IMHO. I haven't hit those levels in September so far. Not that you need to make a lot of points, you just need to make a few consistently and do decent size.

  9. <b>Romik</b>, I'm sure you'll do just fine... wouldn't be surprised if you nail +30pts to +40pts should market conditions favor.

    Which leads me to concur 100% with <b>London</b>: one week is an anorexic window of performance. An average profit goal of +20pts weekly spread over six months to a year is not difficult... but some individual weeks make that target impossible within.

    Here's hoping you get some normal ranges and volatility next week. End-month pattern antics favor the upside, maybe we can all ride the big funds when they "window dress" as usual.

    Very Best Trading Wishes,
  10. romik


    I know what you are saying London, you are right. I just want to shut some people up, that's all. There are quite a few pretenders on ET that talk big and have no balls. At least if I do this, every time one of them shows up, I'll just post the link as a response. I will not explain a single trade here, that's not the purpose. Of course some of them will comment by saying I was L...U...C....K....Y I don't care what they say, this will be my shield against bullshit posters. Yes, I do not have to prove to anyone anything, but I feel that I have to do it and I will not back down now that I've said I would do it.

    Imagine the bashing if I get 19 points :)

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