Live ammunition found at Wisconsin Capitol building

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  1. Live ammunition found at Wisconsin Capitol building
    Police investigate discovery of lethal hollow points

    Police at the Wisconsin state Capitol building, the site of weeks of angry protests over proposed cuts to government workers’ benefits and bargaining rights, made a disturbing find Thursday – dozens of rounds of lethal hollow-point ammunition.

    The bullets were found by University of Wisconsin-Madison Police at three of the building’s entrances.

    Thousands of angry protesters have been rallying at the Capitol for weeks over Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to make government workers pay into their retirement plans and to limit their collective bargaining rights.

    Police are investigating the find. They say 29 rounds were found at one entrance, 11 at another and one round near another.

    The bullets are 22-caliber long rifle hollow points, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

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    It's OK if the they're leftist thugs.
  3. And even more OK if they're leftist union thugs.