Little info about you as a trader

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  1. Always wonder what other traders
    Age, years of experience as a trader, location, previous job before becoming a full time trader and reason for leaving the old job.

    I'll start of with myself

    1. 27 years old
    2. 1.5 years of experience (not long at all)
    3. trading from home in Maryland
    4. worked for a car dealership. Wanted something new and exciting also wanted to have more time for myself.
  2. There are several threads about this, just do a little searching. One on age is about 20 pages long.

    Seems traders here come in all ages and backgrounds. Most are quite young, but there are a few serious old timers as well.

  3. Joab


    44 yrs old

    ex pro gambler
    ex strip club owner
    ex stockbroker (most ashamed of this one)
    ex martial arts trainer

    Now reformed, GOD fearing, GOD loving, health nut.
    :D :D :D
  4. Now why did you leave this business? :eek:
  5. Joab



    The truth is that Lap dancing came in and ruined my clubs business (it was the most successful in the city before that).

    I enjoyed the business, when it was like being like Hugh Hefner but despised it when it was like being Tyron the pimp.

    Sold it for a good chunk of change though and had lots of fun for 3 years. :)
  6. How did you even get started? did you buy into the biz? I don't mean to hijack this thread but this is quite possibly one of the more entertaining facts about anyone here. LOL.

    Also, myself and a couple of friends talked about buying this old ran-down strip club in cleveland a couple of years back.

  7. Which one? (err .. good times at pinkies)
  8. it was pinky's! Can't beat the fact it's next to a porn video store. LOL.

    Pinky's was kinda scary.
  9. What ever happened to it? I'm from Cleveland, but moved away in 2000.
  10. I moved to Cleveland in 2000 and left 2006. They shut pinky's down around 2004 I think? rumor has it that it violated city code or what have yous. I'm quite sure there's some prostitution going on in there.
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