Little Iceland kicks UK in the face

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    absolutely. the treatment obama received in china and the Copenhagen is just a prelude for the US and Europe.

    correct. risk should not be taken out of financial transactions by government fiat.
  3. The Royal Navy, once the scourge of the known world, should invade Iceland
  4. I think you have this all wrong, guys...

    Iceland is f*cked, really f*cked. They simply have nothing to lose at this point (except, of course, the IMF lifelines and what little remains of their credibility; see how they immediately got downgraded, as soon as the news came out). That's the reason why they're still playing games with Icesave, not because they want to stand up for what's right and show The Gord and the UK public who's boss.
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    As Americans, we definitely shouldn't want a precedent set that a national government should be on the hook for the fraud committed by its financial institutions on foreigners.
  6. Icelanders have more public virtue than we do...

  7. I've not read news stories (and I've looked) for starving Icelanders, or how the locality has collapsed and people are running through the street with weapons, rioting.

    So what's f*cked? The banking industry? They seem to be doing ok otherwise. Interesting, isn't it?
  8. Isn't that what the bailout of AIG (and thus, it's counterparties) was all about?
  9. From the fury of the Norsemen deliver us, O Lord!
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