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Will an atomic bomb be detonated on the US in the next 10 years?

  1. Yes. There is an inevitability to it...

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  2. No. We are a more moral people and we have learned to forgive.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care since I have a fortified bunker and enough tuna to wait it out.

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  1. nitro


  2. 3-0-1-1. :confused: :eek: :(
  3. atomic bomb - probably not

    but a dirty bomb smuggled through the mexican border under bags with cocaine is likely.
  4. 4-0-3-1. :confused: :eek: :(
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    I can't believe it's been almost ten years since 9/11. It's as if that event caused a ripple in the space-time continuum, speeding up time.
  7. I think so, i believe in karma, what you giveth, you taketh back. Just dont be there when it happens, get out of large cities

  8. KARMA noo well in advance that the US of A had the wherewithal to prepare against terrorist assaults. So instead of the conventional route, the attack came from within, the least guarded route. And it worked.

    If it appears kind of slow thus far, its because unlike our US of A, Karma is not an indiscriminate killer. Those with clean hands will be spared, even one by one if necessary, for it is unacceptable that even one undeserved death/punishment be metered out. Such is the beauty of the justice of KARMA. And SHE never makes a mistake.

    She arrived Jan 2000 and gave fellows like me these last 10 years to prepare. In my case she appeared serendipitously as I was a very late comer. But my hands were clean, so she waited for me to cognite. Now She sees clearly that our preps are complete.

    The bomb as you should have gathered by now is not of the atomic variety at all. It is of the Financial variety. It has no radius. It is of the Implosion variety. There is no defense against it.

    To gauge and discern the depth of this mesenteric attack one only needs to calculate the time from the start of Mania to top of Mania and then extrapolate. The Great Depression's factor was 1921-1929 = 8 yrs. ... The current one is 1974-2008 =34 yrs.

    Note that both are fibonacci #s. Therefore it stands to reason that the scope, breadth and majesty of this implosion will dwarf that of GD because in essence we are dealing with a geometric, occipital scale.

    Fasten seatbelts. :)
  9. nitro also thought the swine flu would decimate the US :)
  10. In all seriousness, the only way that would be terrorists could obtain a nuclear weapon is to buy one or steal one. Nuclear armed states tend to keep their weapons under very tight security for the very good reason that should the unthinkable happen it is more likely than not that the victim would be able to identify the source and the retribution would be terrible. MAD hasn't gone out of fashion.

    It is well beyond the capabilities of terrorists to build a weapon. They would first have to obtain highly enriched uranium or weapons grade plutonium. These materials are held just as securely as actual weapons. Even then it would be pretty much impossible without the kind of resources possessed only by state players

    You cannot make a bomb from nuclear power station fuel or waste:

    A dirty bomb - ie just blowing up some radioactive material with ordinary explosives - is obviously possible, but it may not be much more damaging than just the explosives themselves. Getting wide dispersion of the radioactive material is harder than one may think. The British did tests in Australia in the 1950s to try to develop this sort of weapon and the program was abandoned because the weapons where not very effective.

    Terrorists can probably get more bang for their buck with far far less effort by other means.

    The US really needs to get over this obsession. The world desperately needs nuclear power (with an effective anti proliferation program of international oversight) to deal with the twin problems of climate change and the coming energy crunch.
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