Lithuania issues world's first digital collector coin

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  1. The first digital collector coin has appeared on the market, issued by the Lithuanian Central Bank. The coin is state-backed, is called LBCOIN, it is based on blockchain technology and consists of six digital tokens and one physical collector coin.

    The silver collector coins are coined by the Lithuanian Mint, resemble a credit card and depict Lithuania’s 1918 act of independence and its 20 signatories. Each coin has a nominal value of 19.18 EUR to commemorate that date.

    So far the Bank of Lithuania has issued only 4000 such coins and they can be collected after buying the digital tokens.

    This is pretty cool, I think. I wonder which other banks will follow suit.
  2. Cool idea, i'd like to see it everywhere, it could be fun.
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    At least put some effort in like Xela did
  5. It reminds me of someone else on this forum with a girly atavar who I always think is a girl but is really a guy. And he's always complaining about something, you know, kinda like a girl?

    Good to see a bank using the technology. Even though it's not Bitcoin or an Alt, it's still a step in the right direction.
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    Da hell. Our central bank does this, while another bank bans eToro.

    They come with nice coins tho, creative folks.

    She looks like male.
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