Listening to music while trading

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Do you listen to music regularly while trading?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Sometimes

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  1. Is this a bad idea?

    Some posters on other threads have said they listen to music as it helps keep them in a groove and is part of their daily routine; others consider it a distraction and possibly damaging as it may result in missing an important news event on CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.

    If music is part of your trading day, what are you listening to?
  2. one of my favorites to play while trading is: ll cool j - mama said knock you out
  3. i have music playing constantly while i trade. style depends on the mood the market is in.




    I rarely watch CNBC, if I have the TV on it's CNN. I get news flashes from quote platform.

    Here is my post from a similar thread:

    Just to name a few...
  5. coldplay,santana
  6. It depends upon my mood and what is happening around me. I prefer what I'm listening to to be entertaining, but not distracting.

    Anything from Queen to Verdi...


  7. dead silence here

    I know from past experiences and observation that music can affect your actions hours or even days after listening. Rock is the deadliest and most harmful 2 the mind.

    why take a chance?

  8. I listen to the rhythm of my heartbeat

  9. not to my mind, my friend.


  10. ha ha, judging from your trading performance I agree, no harm yet.

    But, be careful in the future. Eventually it might, just might all catch up 2 you.

    have a nice day,

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