Listening to McCain tonight

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  1. He just said we need a bigger military and need to pay them more to get people to volunteer, because the numbers of qualified volunteers are dropping off.

    Okay, where is that money going to come from?

    Tax cuts?
  2. McCain was asked about a national service plan suggested by Obama, that cost 3.5 billion.

    McCain said he would be happy to spend the money for such a plan.

    Tax cuts of course will pay for the needed money...
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    Where is Obamas health care and more income to familys under 250K coming from? TAX CUTS?
  4. Now McCain is blaming Palin's attack at the RNC convention on Obama's community service organizer work on the fact that Obama did not opt for Town Hall meetings with McCain.

  5. Nope, tax increases.

  6. Obama says he's lowering taxes. What do you know he doesn't?

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  8. He is lowering taxes for some, raising for others.

  9. Exactly, raise taxes just as George Bush did who famously said on the campaign trail:

    "Read my lips, no new taxes."

    Just as McCain would do if elected...

  10. Lowering for those making less than $250.000/yr and rising for everyone else.
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