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    You now know a bit about trading!

    What do you really know?

    Where did you get the information from?

    Have you validated the information yet-or are you still pissing about and looking for "more information" to add to your already existing lot?

    Why do you think that others can help you?

    Why should others help you?

    How much validation have the others carried out-and I don't mean dumb ass academics with math calculations and "written papers" on trading!

    Have you ever asked yourself "Why the fuk would someone who can make a lot of money trading want to sell me the details"!

    Are you a fukin dim wit?

    What planet are you from?

    Do you want to make money trading-or do you want to be like the majority of idiots on ET who think they know what trading is all about-just because they have placed one or two little winning trades-AND-who do not even understand that in order to win-you must first learn how to lose correctly-otherwise you are going to be one sorry bastard-and the wife will eat the bollox off you for losing all that money.

    Do not think I jest-some fukin idiots have even killed themselves after losing money-what a fuked up thick bastard would do that!

    I will tell you who-it can happen to those who think that trading is easy as they all say it is-just do this-and do that-and you will become a good trader.

    Bollox I say-you will become a good trader only if you learn to trade correctly-if you do not-you will not-it is simple as that.

    So-"how do I learn"you say?

    What the fuk-did you not "Listen Up"

    The General
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  3. Why do you start these threads? Are you needing an ego boost? Lacking attention? Dropped on your head as a child?

    That was just 2 minutes of my life that I can never get back reading and responding to your nonsense. No more.
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    It is obvious that you do not uderstand-and-I will be very surprised if anyone here does-apart from the other fool who backs me up-as we are indeed fools.

    Real Traders are born-not made.

    Why you say?

    I will tell you why-I say.

    I do not like to see people who think like me wasting their time with dim wit fukin idiots talking about how good this arsehole is-and that arsehole is.

    Show me one trader on ET who has made good money by following another trader here-and I don't mean that journal shite that is posted-come on-are you fukin serious!

    The "key" word there was "think like me"-but I can guarantee you now that there will be not one-if there is-the onewill post and ask the right questions without even stopping to think about it.

    Do you now see-I bet not!

    The General
  7. The General

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    I will make a true statement now-I wonder how many know it to be true?

    "Any trader that uses TA indicators on a chart-is not a Real Trader"

    When you work out the real reason why-you will then know what a Real Trader does-and why he does it different to most.

    I will respond to civil posts in a civil manner-likewise to abrupt posts.

    The General

    F'ing A! +(the Big) 1 :D
  9. Johnny Cash with the"Arkansas salute."
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    There is a real nugget in there, one that has been written a million times on ET. It will mostly be ignored.
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