listen to this laptop buying horror story

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  1. it all starts 3 weeks ago at compusa. i buy the cheap toshiba celeron for $499. 1 week later it freezes up so i take it back. a get a gift card refund so i have to rebuy at compusa. so 10 days later i buy a hp pavilon with centurion chip. i love it but then yesterday the wireless stops workming. i try everything to fix it and even go to starbuxs to see if it works there do dice so i take back they try to work it no deal its broken. the salesman gets me to buy the exact same hpq but with an amd turion chip and mroe ram for the same price so i say yes. i get home tonight go to put my aircard in GUESS WHAT NO DAMM PCI SLOT. I CALL HPQ AND I RASIE HELL AS I'VE NEVER EVER HEARD OF A LAPTOP WITHOUT A PCI SLOT HAVE ANY OF YOU? THE SALEMAN TOOK THE SALES CARD AND SAID LOOK ITS THE EXACT SAME COMPUTER JSUT WITH AMD AND HE FAILED TO TELL ME NO PCI SLOT. TO BE HONEST I NEVER THOUGHT TO CHECK BECAUSE IN ALL MY LIFE I'VE NEVER SEEN A LAPTOP WITHOUT PCI SLOT. I mean if there wireless goes bad i'm screwed with no pci slot and i can't use aircard. it's like selling aplane with no wings. what a frustrating exp with compusa and there customer service sucks. no i msut retunr it tommorrow
  2. I know how you feel. Just reaffirms what we already know, almost always, you get what you pay for. The one thing I never skimp on is computer equipment. Every cheapie I bought in the past has failed to live up to my expectations. is a great place to find good deals on laptops from dell....I bought a 9300 a few months ago and I am very happy with it.
  3. What do you expect for $499 and Comp Usa. they suck and you need to spend at least 1K to get something decent. I hope your not planning on scalping with that thing.
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    i agree with you re the pcmcia slot. unfortunatly you have to realise that these are being slowly phased out in favour for USB2 and Firewire/2 ports. you can buy a wireless USB card for your laptop, i use one.

    check out

    the internal wireless cards on laptops are rubbish anyway, i have tried 4 different brands and the range on all of them is minimal
  5. I believe Joey is referring to a CDMA Sierra Wireless AirCard which runs on Verizon and Sprint. It's not a wifi card.
  7. I went to buy the toshiba but it was sold out
    Thank God
    I also saw a acer for $499.00 that also was sold out :(
  8. I prefer to buy my computer and electronic equipment from a retail store, preferably a national one. I have had no trouble at CompUSA with my purchases. I have returned a few items without having to get a gift card.

    I have made the mistake of purchasing online and I have been stuck with my purchases and the shipping prohibits my cost free returns.

    I also like to shop at retail stores because I can go see and look at the physical item....and believe me I do....I do not shop for these sort of items when I am in a hurry and I open the boxes and look at exactly what I am getting. I even use the in-store computer to check the specs and if I am getting a reasonable price (i have even negotiated from these facts)

    I probably could save some money, but not time. I am a high maintenance purchaser and I end up returning 50% of what I buy. I use the retail store to test items and sometimes I keep them. Also they are great to accept returns if they are not a mom and pop computer store. If I can test something for free and then if I like it justify my purchase of it online to save a worthwhile amount I do it....when the item arrives I simply return the first one to the store...

    Michael B.

    P.S. HeHe BestBuy, CompUSA, Costco, Circuit City, Ultimate Electronics, Office Depot, OfficeMax, some Department Stores and Radio Shack seem to all know me now :)
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    But then you drive a '91 Dodge mini-van!

    Just kiddin es. I'm a cheap bastard too. :D
  10. with simulated wood grain siding....(I love my 1990 Plymouth Voyager that I bought for 2k from some private party out of the newspaper, so many years ago I can't remember...funny thing I have "top-of-the-line" Goodyear tires on it and I still take it to the car wash now and then)

    Choad...we have had a tough time of it...and we respect money...

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