Listen to JimmyJam, he REALLY knows you know

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by romik, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. romik


    so he thinks anyway, what an idiot!

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  2. You're an idiot, what's the point of this thread?
  3. That was the funny f*ck*n demo of martial arts I have seen. Made me laugh almost as hard as Kung Fu theatre in the 80's. Thanks for posting that. :D
  4. LOL..That was great! :D

    Happy New Year everyone..remember that is what you will look like if you drink too much tonight..:D
  5. Icarus5


    OMFG that is one funny ass video!

    Thanks for getting the party started early romik.
    Don't worry about what these guys have to say Reaver, I drop so much knowledge on thses guys it makes their head spin, they get frustrated and angry, can't figure how I know so much more than them, and so reply with insults.

    romik in particular has a bee in his bonnet about me, probably because for all that money he has, he really doesn't know, you know. :p ...

    ... whereas Tradestar is just your run-of-the-mill vendor shill (hey you know, whatever it takes) :D .


    Good trading to all in '08

    I (aka Jimmy Jam)
  6. romik


    You are an idiot for defending an idiot and unfortunately it takes not to be an idiot to understand what this thread is about.

    Jimmy, you rock!
  7. Icarus5


    Glad you could come out of your forced lurking to start this thread romy, it was such a beneficial experience for you and you've learned so much from the process. :)

    You're always fun man, great for a smile and a laugh, the only thing I'm missing is the beer, but I'll go fix that now. :D

    Best wishes to you and yours,

  8. Everybody knows he's an idiot. The only person that doesn't know is himself. He's a delusional 40 yr old who never amounted to much, he spends 24/7 posting on ET because he has no life.

    If you know so much, than how come you have a night job? Shouldn't you be making millions?

    Answer that you village idiot.
  9. romik


    WTF is this Icarus, do you trade as well as you fly?
  10. Judging by your grammar, I would venture to say you don't understand the meaning of your own post, in that case.
    #10     Dec 31, 2007
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