Listen everyone just buy BIDU/GOOG, SHORT APPLE

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, May 20, 2008.

  1. Listen everyone!

    Forget all that cup and saucer nonsense. Forget all that beans and franks moving average horseshit. Throw all your charts and cup, handle and saucers in the trash and BUY, BUY, BUY GOOG! BUY BUY BUY BIDU!!!

    *THEY* have decided to make GOOG/BIDU move to the upside. There is so much damn money out there and now some is going AND WILL BE GOING into GOOG/BIDU.

    Buy or be left behind but the GREEN LIGHT has been given to GOOG/BIDU!!!!!!!!!!

    Buy Goog over 588!!! Buy BIDU over 384!!!


    You can go ahead and short Apple!!!
  2. Div_Arb


    Based solely on your recommendation, I have liquidated my 401k, maxed out my credit cards, maxed out my HELOC, and put EVERYTHING into GOOG and BIDU. I sure hope you are correct about this!
  3. First its got to get over my two buy points, then my target for Goog is 1050 and my target for Bidu is 550.

    Microsoft is going to do to Yahoo what Stern did for Sirius. The management team at Yahoo will be destabilized and demoralized. There will even be more conflict then before. It wont be a positive allowing Google to step ahead.
  4. NazSpaz


    In case it drops, make sure your friends and family have ample capital to loan you also so you can double-down. He sounds pretty sure about this, don't be shy with finding more funds. :)
  5. Strangely yesterday I bought calls of GOOG and puts on APPL.
  6. Google and BIDU can do no wrong. People will always search the web. There are billions out there on computers everyday and more coming each day.

    The markets have been getting hit the last few days but bidu and goog down only a few percentage.

    As for the IPHone and Apple, lots of competition out there and I think everyone is getting sick of the
    Blackberry. Myself? I love not having a Blackberry because my life is more free without the vibrating every ten seconds with another email to respond to...

    If you really want a good reliable buy&hold, then go long on Verizon. Everyone I know has Verizon service and its the best. Cable service, cellphone service, home phone service. No one beats verizon. Unfortunately, the stock has gone nowhere since 2000. I dont think that will last for long in the next few years though...
  7. Why do you TALK LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME!!!