Listen, and You Tell Me. Who's Crazy?

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    A lot of this, he'd be the first to tell you, came from me and some friends. Patrick is that way. He's very considerate and giving. But if you listen, there are some things in here I never said publicly. He's spent "millions". At every turn was the "Managed Fund Association". Translation..... Chanos. This has been going on for over a year.

    You think, you say whatever you want. But notice the callers, sounds like Chicago, saying, "Hey, wait a minute". These are people hosed on a daily basis by the biggest Power Machine outside of Washington. And still, no give from Wall St. Let 'em keep it up. It'll look like Watts in 1965. But the crowds will be folks of all colors. And I'll be there with them.

    There always a few people who yap. Then, there is a multiple of that number who admire from afar. You have a man here, a three time Cancer survivor who should be lounging with Miss February on a yacht someplace, and instead he spends precious time standing up for ideals and for people who can't fight for themselves. The outcome of this fight is now certain. The variable is time, and the damage. Sorta like the year 1943. The Nazis lose the Sixth Army, and therefore lost the war. Unfortunately, another 40mm people had to die, along with Koln, Darmstadt, Dresden.......... Sure, a few Nazis escaped to Brazil and lived La Dolce Vita. A "few". Most everybody else suffered varying degrees of destruction. That's us.

    Use your heads. Back someone who backs us. In four and one half years, I've never heard the man say anything that could be construed as self serving. Never. And he never would. He is just built that way.

    Make your own mind up. But don't just listen to naysayers who are padding their own feather bed. Think for yourself.
  2. Not only are you are the stupidest person on this thread.... But, yes, you are crazy.