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    There's a million financial blogs and pundits out there. For the active investor, who is worth a listen? Whose newsletter is worth a subscription? In my mind, it comes down to track record = ~13 years worth of positive YoY returns or calls. That covers two bear markets ('00 & '08). This narrows the field quite a bit, as even some of the leading managers had down years in '08-'09. A bit of leeway can be made on that one. In your opinion, whose subscription service is worth a look?

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    Stansberry is pretty good.
  3. One of the best I've found is Bob Rinear at I've followed him since 1999, and he's beaten the market handily every single year, including some big time calls such as pounding the table for gold and silver in 2000 when no one else wanted them at $250 and $4/oz., being properly positioned short with puts before the 2008 crash, and so on.

    The only thing is some people are turned off by his very blunt political, social and economic rants that he includes in his letters, but if you can set that stuff aside and focus on his actual calls it's well worth it.

    The other person I can wholeheartedly recommend is Steven Jon Kaplan at I've followed him since 2006, and his insight is uncanny. However, a lot of his investing style runs counter to a lot of 'conventional' wisdom you'll hear 'round these parts, but it works incredibly well, though it requires a very strong emotional fortitude to do it because of the extremely contrarian nature of it. It's also not for someone looking to be a really active daily trader, as his outlook and trades are mainly positions that are established gradually and held for weeks or months, interspersed with periods of sitting on your hands in cash and doing nothing.
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    Good posts. Keep 'em coming.