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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tiger567, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. tiger567


    I try to open power etrade account,
    But I saw the sentence,

    1 For orders involving securities listed on a national securities exchange (i.e., "listed securities") a fee of $0.015 per share will apply to that portion of the order that exceeds 2,000 shares.

    on this etrade site

    so where can I find the listed securities.
    Could anyone tell me the exact all listed securities symbol.
  2. Why not ask THEM?
    I suspect it's the securities that are "hard to borrow" only. Which would apply only if you're shorting them.
  3. tiger567


    Thank you risktaker!
    I could not find their email address, so I should better ask here.
    I undestand your meaning, but where can I find the list of stocks which difficult to borrow?
  4. zdreg


    are you saying there is a 015 surcharge to short hard to borrow stocks.

    perhaps you can explain what the original question means
  5. Seems like etrade stiffs you with all kinds of extra 'fees'.

    Here's an after-hours .005/share fee listed at the bottom of the page.
  6. alanm


    Huh? It doesn't say anything about short sales.

    If you take the sentence at face value, it says that orders for more than 2000 shares for at least all NYSE/AMEX stocks are subject to $0.015 extra per share for every share over 2000. It might also include NASDAQ stocks - I don't remember if NASDAQ is now considered an exchange.
  7. zdreg


    i read it the same way as you. where on ET is there any mention of a surcharge on hard to borrow stock ?