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  1. remote affiliation.

    execution costs to be fixed or negligible, generous split of my profits to you. And there are enough of those.

    If you're not self clearing, you probably can't compete on costs.

    If you're inclined to stretch the truth or break your promises, please do us both a favor and don't respond.

    I take my business very seriously.

    Please reply by pm.
  2. GHJ


    Why would you want to give up a "generous" amount of your profits? What is the definition of "negligible?"
  3. cant wait to do business with this bundle of joy
  4. Overtheline, do you think he would cross the line?
  5. Bryan Roberts

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  6. First and last post for this budding Dale Carnegie.
  7. What do you consider competitive rates?
  8. WHy would any expereinced, successful trader, take any interest in sharing profits with someone else. If you are making money, why not keep it for yourself. Do the smart thing and back yourself.
  9. obviously the guy rode the short bus when he was younger :D
  10. He sounds more like P.T. Barnum to me.
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