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  1. Any suggestions for a basket of listed daytraders?
    I'd assume INTC, MU, and EMC. What others (if any)do you traders have good experiences with? Thanks
  2. I personally go where the movement is, as I prefer to trade smaller share lots on bigger point movers. As a result, my basket of stocks often varies with some becoming less volatile and being replaced by more volatile ones. Some in my current watchlist are PDLI, NVDA, CMVT, FCEL, and LH (I don't usually trade many NYSE issues, but this one's moving like crazy).
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  5. Don't look for large moves. They just get you into trouble. I personally scalp F, Dis, T, MO. I've just become very familiar with them. If you can consistently scalp quarters on 5k shares with 85% success, you'll be fine. If you look for larger moves, you often have to give up liquidity.
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    el cazador,

    imho mu and emc are two of the hardest stocks i know of to daytrade. if you are just starting out i highly recommend following the previous thread's advice. a few other good stocks to cut your teeth with might be wmt, hd, nok....i've just seen too many people get crushed with those other stocks. btw, summer is here and the volume is starting to dry up so be a little bit quicker to take profits... they seem to disappear quicker on lite volume days.
  7. I used to trade amd a lot. I had a lot of success with it. IM not sure why I stopped. Emc is hard. It trades with the futs, but its impossible to get filled unless you are wrong. Spread is a nickle to a dime more or less too. I think that dis and mo are some of the easiest to daytrade.
  8. Thanks for your responses.
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    Praetorian2....I have some questions for you. You mentioned earlier in this thread not to go for big moves.

    "Don't look for large moves, they just get you into trouble........."

    I'm curious what your strategies are for this type of trading with nyse stocks. What kind of indicators are you using to determine entries? What kind of stops do you place when only going for 20-25 cent moves? Are your stops even tighter than your winners or do you just win more often than you lose? Do you try to buy on the bid and sell on the ask or just use market orders? Are you using this strategy all day long or only during the opening hours, etc.

    Sorry about all the questions. I'm just really interested in learning to scalp listed stocks. Seems to be more my style. I've about had it with nasdaq. With the wide spreads and wild moves, it makes it very difficult to make any money scalping.

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    Actually, given the way market has been slow and choppy I think a lot of the stocks are nearly untradable. WMT used to be a free point for me every day back in March, it almost felt like they changed specialist in April as I started to lose money in it every day . . . I find it to be more rewarding to trade quicker stocks nowadays, with a bit more wiggle room . . .

    The thinner stocks move faster, so risk and reward come hand in hand. Yes given the lack of liquidity you have to take profit quicker, once they drop the BID the next BID is like 20-30 cents away.

    Here is a list of stocks that consistently move with their respective indexes . . . That said, I recommend new traders to start with tier 2's in those sectors (for example, in SOX you would want to start with AMD/NSM, in XBD you want AGE/BSC) . . . they don't gap down on news and they lag a bit behind the sector indexes, easier to trade and typically reduced damage if you are wrong . . .

    The most important skill you can ever have in NYSE trading (especially scalping) is tape reading. The specialists have some of the nastiest tricks to take your money, on top of chart/indicators you absolutely MUST learn to read the TOS, unfortunately there is no real book/tutorials out there that teaches you tape reading, it will come from time and experience to be able to get in near the bottom and get out near the top.

    Good luck . . .

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