List your top setups you're looking to trade this week (today= 5.17.2006)

Discussion in 'Options' started by gangof4, May 17, 2006.

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    There are sooooo many to look at, i'm kinda overwhelmed trying to narrow them down to a manageable list to trade. Figure we're all trying to isolate the best plays given all the carnage/volatility.

    Kinda curious whether this thread gets responses, or if people are reticent to list their positions on the board before they take them.


    I'm looking at AAPL, MRVL and GOOG because all 3 are showing relative strength- especially AAPL.

    I'm also looking @ the steel stocks; as many are at, or approaching, support. Steels were up early, but then succumbed when the market didn't bounce early. Looking @ OS, STLD, NUE and CHAP- especially if they get taken down another 6-10%.

    edit: oh no, wrong-way Jim Cramer just said to buy AAPL. Now I'm not so sure anymore!
  2. Long (MEND) at new highs.
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  3. goog, aapl long. Short industrials.
  4. gangof4


    This is the first post of yours that I've understood! My options related goal in life is to not feel stupid when i read your posts ; )

    Guess we're looking at the same chart action on GOOD and AAPL. I'm up in the air on the industrial type commodity and metal plays. They were so overbought, now they're quite oversold. Hard to judge just how much more mo-mo $ is going to throw in the towel. Even if it's a dead cat, I would imagine that, when they do turn and bounce, it's going to be a monster move over a couple of days.
  5. My opinion is based solely on relative strength. I'd go long goog and forget the shorts.
  6. cnms2


    What's your trading horizon (time frame)?
  7. gangof4


    Mostly looking @ june expiration; though i probably wouldn't hold any positions more than a day or 2 if we get a bounce of any significance.
  8. long ford 6.85-6.90 stopout = 6.7 i said 6.75 before but i want more roomw to play with this one, just dont want some rookie who reads my p/l jumping all in on it and me screwing him, i know someone who doesnt know how to trade it will take this trade and more than likely get fooked so please dont take this unless you know what yer doing, upside =7.6, i think this is a massive double bnottom and the worst is behind ford, ford tends to lag GM and they just got absolutely THROTTLED by the 1.6 bill loss, GM had theirs 2 quarters ago, anyways may auto sales will be up for ford, just watch.

    there is my play, and to anyone with half a brain they will think this is retarded, in terms of full disclosure I daytrade ford every single day and usually account for 1/10th-1/15th of the volume, I DO NOT HOLD OVERNIGHTS, SO DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW ME JUST WANTED TO SEE IF THIS IS RIGHT!!!!

    May17, 2006