List your best Single Trade of Year 2006

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  1. novais


    Journals are very the time you reach to end and ask yourself whether you got any return of your time spent in scouring these find only number of your eye glasses increased by .25 point.

    Please do not feel offended...some threads are really lenghty that even best search engine (google or whatever) will fail to find right thread :)

    Anyway, if you want to really share, please list your best trade of year 2006 alongwith your analogy/strategy like:

    a) Contract
    b) Date of entry
    c) Paragragh on why did you this contract to trade.
    d) Trade Entry strategy (last price, your entry price, stop and exit strategy if any).
    e) Exit (Date of exit, on going price, exit price, net profit and why/how did you choose to exit).

    Thanks for taking initiative to share your best trade.
  2. dac8555


    not going to hunt specifics...but short Homebuilders, TOl, DHI, BZH. it was pretty easy to see it coming.
  3. Bought AAPL @ 58

    Bought goog @ 413

    Bought Chap @ 35

    Those were pretty good
  4. bot HANS at 20.

    sold at 132

    not really a trade, cause i held a longtime

    but it happened (mostly) in 1996

    note the first # is split adjusted
  5. Mr B

    Mr B

    short brent oil on a 10 day low close at $71.35

    exit at just over $59 on a 10 day high close
  6. novais


    It will help if one person list only ONE yet best trade (so far) of year 2006 covering ALL the original point.

    Please give date of trade entered, running price when you considered entry, your analogy that how did you choose this trade and what was your Stop and exit strategy and what profit you finally made, otherwise putting any reply to this thread will have no meanining.
  7. my best is .05 scapling - i'm gettin good - might retire soon...
  8. how do u define a "trade"? would a 1 year hold be a trade?

    i ask because all of my best 'trades" are longer term holds
  9. Bought MA on 8/7/06 for 50.80. Sold on 11/2/02 at 83.42.
  10. huncher


    I went long about 12 delta between 43 and 38 and scaled out between 55 and 60
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