List what you believe to be myths to profitable trading

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  1. Trading in the financial markets has its share of accepted "rules" and conventional wisdom, a good portion of which I'm sure many here believe is steeped in myth. So list any conventional trading nuggets that you think are false.
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    To be profitable, a quantifiable edge is required.
  3. Just about any 'advice' that is illustrated by cherry picking. I.e. had you picked this stock (which we retroactively selected out of the thousands we advised over the years), you would have made 10,000% return! Sign up now for your subscription. Or, notice from the example how if you had bought when MA x crossed MA y, and sold when MAy crossed MAx, you would have made ___!
    Same goes for fib or any other anecdotal type evaluation and conclusions.

    All myths that are propagated (unfortunately) in about 90% of the 'TA' books out there. As you begin to evaluate the information from a statistical perspective, many of these myths begin to crumble quickly.

    The only guaranteed constant in this field is negative commission bias.
  4. Not if you own the clearing firm. :cool:
  5. "Can't go broke taking a profit"
  6. -that you need a positive (greater than 1) reward to risk ratio.

    -that you can't have 90%+ winning percentage

    -that avging up or down is always wrong. That adding to "losers" is a no no

    -that you need to know your target and risk BEFORE you enter a trade
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    Well FWIW..

    Everything spouted, touted, or shouted (The list is quite lengthy)

    Whenever anything of value is shared it is usually ignored – or WAY overlooked – being perceived as too simplistic

    (We humans sure are a strange bunch :confused: )

    IMHO of course

    Happy Weekend to all